Your Mission

When you’re engaged in a field operation like fire-fighting or rescue, police, military, and border control involving mass notification, you need to project a clear acoustic message to a crowd of thousands of people. Or direct a message over extreme noise to individuals several hundred metres away.

You need to make sure your message is understood loud and clear.

Our Objective

We offer a range of Acoustic Hailing Devices that are extremely powerful (up to 146dB), compact and lightweight (weighing only a few kilos), exceptionally robust (military grade and IP66) and highly intelligible.

Our products will become your companion on the field, allowing your voice to reach out across kilometres.

Our Products

THD-146 and THD-152 are two complete, self contained acoustic hailing systems. They are the ideal workhorse for situations where perfect intelligibility, high acoustic output and quick deployment are important. The compact THD-146, open tubular frame makes it easy to handle and attach to any hardware.

Based on the THD-146 components, the THD-152 profits from the optimal coupling between the closely positioned horns to generate extreme acoustic output for clear highly intelligible voice communication over long distances. Its open compact frame, make it easily transportable and quick to deploy in any situation.They can be attached to any kind of hardware without the use of complex accessories like tripods or mounting frames. Integrated keyhole mounting surfacs make it easy and quick to attach the battery pack and extra hardware accessories.